Chicken Shoot Review

Chicken Shoot Review

Chicken Shoot is like Duck Hunt for idiots.

Gor Plays: Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition (Worst Games of 2021 #2)

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Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition – A PS5 Shovelware | Impressionist Gamer

The Gamer has no clue how to start a series, so he lucked out with PS5 shovelware of all titles.

Music Used in order
+ Menu – Chicken Blaster (DS)
+ New York’s Only Spider-Man – Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5)
+ Game Over – Chicken Invaders Pentalogy (Android)
+ Level 01 Farm 1 – Chicken Shoot (Wii)
+ Telephone BGM Entrance – 1-2 Switch (Switch)
+ Flamelurker – Demon’s Souls (PS5)
+ Cid’s Test Track – Chocobo Racing (PS1)
+ Music Boss 01 – House of the Dead Overkill (Wii)
+ Tragedy Again (Stage 1 BGM) – House of the Dead 2 (Arcade)
+ Snow Mountain (The Himalayas) – DuckTales (NES)
+ [End Track] Higher Octane – Van in Japan (YT Studio Audio Library)

Chicken Blaster: Worst Game On Wii 2 – Just Bad Games

Is this the sequel to Chicken Shoot that nobody ever wanted? Welcome to the second worst game ever made on Nintendo Wii!

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�� CHICKEN SHOOT Game Review | Bottom of the Dumpster Fire

Anton’s cock gets shot with Chicken Shoot.

Chicken Shoot is a really early Nintendo Wii game that was basically pushed out the door to try and make as many sales as it can before the market was oversaturated with shovelware. Then the market was oversaturated with shovelware, THANKS DSI. So here’s a Chicken Shoot Wii game review, but it’s nothing special; you shoot chickens and shoot more chickens. Can you tell I’m trying to corner the market on Chicken Shoot? I sure can! What other fun facts do you think I can say about Chicken Shoot?

Chicken Shoot was originally a PC game before it was ported to the Wii by Frontline… uh… I forget what the company’s called. You can buy it on Steam if you really want, but why? I bought Chicken Shoot on the Wii for this game review for like 2 dollars. Way cheaper this way.

Video also features a surprise guest – Die Rache der Sumpfhühner 2 (Rooster’s Revenge 2)! Die Rache der Sumpfhühner 2 was another game made by Meridian’93 in 1998 or 2001 or 2002, nobody’s too sure, and it was just like Chicken Shoot, but better in almost every way. And half a decade ahead of the times. It’s notable for being yet another game that’s so obscure that you can’t find anything online, so here’s some proof that it’s not forgotten.

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/EPeEymU

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