Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

Although Sacred 2: Fallen Angel doesn’t break any new ground, it does impressive work freshening up an old formula.

How to copy items Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

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In this video I show you how to copy items in Sacred 2 Fallen Angel for XBOX 360.
All you need to do is:
Have 2 controllers or go on XBOX live with a friend
Load the game with the profile you want to give the stuff to
Then trade the stuff you want to copy
With the person you just traded from, press Y
Then sign out of the profile you just pressed Y with
An error should come up (if you get kicked from the game you did it wrong, unless you where online) and press Y with the person you sent the stuff to.
Check the two people and they should both have the stuff
If you do this on XBOX you will get your character locked from trade I am going to post the new way soon 😉

TO MAKE THIS WORK YOU MUST MAKE A COPY OF YOUR GAME SAVE, BECAUSE MICROSOFT HAS BLOCKED IT NOW! IT CAN STILL WORK AS LONG AS YOU COPY YOUR GAME SAVE FIRST! There is a chance every time you do this glitch you will get banned, many people have gotten a message after doing this and it says they have been “banned from trade” or “locked from trade” If you copy your save first you cannot get banned.

Sacred 2 Angry Review Parody

Angry Joe reviews the newest Hack and Slasher, Sacred 2:Fallen Angel for the Xbox 360. Joe and Gavin then Travel to the land of Ancaria and face off with the most FEARED creature in the game, will they survive?

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Xbox Series X Gameplay

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Xbox Series X Gameplay of this classic RPG experience featuring a coop angle where players work together to tackle quests, to survive. Xbox Store:https://click.linksynergy.com/deeplink?id=SandmRDeue4 &mid=24542 &murl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.microsoft.com%2Fstore%2Fp%2Fsacred-2-fallen-angel%2F9pdg551f7qgc [Ad]. This features sprawling open world environments to explore as you take on many creatures that await, alongside quests.

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Xbox Series X Gameplay of what is is a vast and deeply playable Action RPG. Embark upon Light and Shadow campaigns in a seamless game world that blends solo and multiplayer gameplay, and is packed full of quests, characters, adventure and deadly combat.

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#Sacred 2 Fallen Angel #XboxSeriesX Gameplay of this open world RPG adventure featuring classic moments of action where you explore a vast landscape attempting to complete missions while improving your abilities and choosing unique characters.

Face off against opposing forces as you attempt to save the world in this wild expansive option with intense levels to improve, skills to gain and other challenges to tackle as you improve onwards to glory. The ultimate best Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Xbox Series X review and gameplay.

Classic Game Room HD – SACRED 2 FALLEN ANGEL review

Classic Game Room HD reviews SACRED 2 FALLEN ANGEL for Playstation 3 PS3, also on Xbox 360 and PC. This massive RPG role playing game allows you to choose one of 6 character classes and lay waste to an enormous fantasy world. This CGRHD review of SACRED 2 FALLEN ANGEL has gameplay video from Sacred 2 Fallen Angel on PS3, also on Xbox 360 and PC which probably look similar. Technically solid and very well made this RPG has over 600 side missions along with a plot involving T Energy or something like that, basically you could lose a life in here and play forever. Sacred 2 Fallen Angel has multiplayer and co-op gameplay so that you can play with a friend. Level your character up and earn Sacred 2 Fallen Angel trophies. Hundreds of weapons and monsters are waiting to be discovered, interact with villagers and solve their problems with violence and brute force. Learn magic like spells and combat skills… reminds me of Ultima VII for some reason, maybe it’s just that I forgot how awesome these games are when done right. Follow Classic Game Room and Rexenephex on our quest to explore the map and crush everything in sight. Highly recommended for fans of fantasy role playing games RPGs and other adventure style games on PS3 and Xbox 360. Sacred 2 Fallen Angel is def. Rexenephex says so. Hi ho Galaxy Ranger!